Christina's most recent endeavor, HICKSTERS is a modern day GREEN ACRES starring a quirky, interracial couple, HICKSTERS is a grand adventure with neighbors, family and friends who must figure out how to thrive together…and keep Whispering Mossyweed Meadows  farm from going under. 



Christina wrote this series of short films, inspired the landscapes and local cultures across our country. From mystery in the White Sands of New Mexico to romance in Chicago, AMERICA (A LOVE SONG) is a moving poem, dedicated to the land we call home.




Christina co-wrote and co-stars in HALF SISTERS, a comedy web series following the mishaps and tragedies of three women who inherit their father's odd event planning business.   




Christina wrote this tone poem after being inspired by Einstein on the Beach.  We follow a handsome tourist who notices a local woman in a New York City window. His courage fails him and she disappears into the crowded city streets. This is the story of his hunt to find her, and perhaps find love.



Christina's first go at screenwriting was her "no-budget" indie feature, SAUDADE?, following Sophia, a teenage girl who runs away to New York City in search of her missing brother by following his work as a graffiti artist. SAUDADE? is a gritty twist on the classic coming of age in the city story.